About JRC Reflex

Originally known as IBR Srl, IBR was established in 1962 in Bergamo, Italy and its core business was the production of road signs films.

In the middle of 1980 IBR moved to the new headquarters at Scanzorosciate (BG) and with considerable investments in production assets allowed the company to boost the development of new products, technologies and production process. It’s the beginning of the first retro-reflective fabrics and other flexible backings coating such as PE; PU and TNT. As direct consequence IBR got the European Patent “Method for producing printed retro reflective high visibility products”.

After being for 20 years the main IBR’s customer, on 2008 JRC Reflex bought IBR.
In conjunction with the celebration of 50 years of activity, on 2012 IBR moved to more efficient and modern headquarters in Chiuduno (BG). On July 2015, IBR changed the Legal Entity from IBR Srl into JRC Reflec Italia SRL.


Research and Development investments, growing technical experience and everyday team passion allow JRC Reflex to be leaders in the development of new products and solutions for a more and more challenging competitive arena.

JRC Reflex have in recent years been successful in many OEM’s choosing their materials for automotive interiors amongst which was the first reflective piping in the Range Rover Sport and working with many prestige automotive manufactures especially where a sports influence is required in the interior styling.

A number of new marques and models will be announced shortly.