About Termoformati

Termoformati Italia SRL was born from the business pulse of the founder, and current president, Andrea Tebaldi, who in 1988 decided to set up a new company to face the challenges that the clothing market offered, creating and producing thermoformed articles for this sector.

With over thirty years’ experience, Termoformati Italia expanded its operations into the European market, with production of thermoformed accessories for underwear and swimwear, that today are still produced.

In 2008, Termoformati Italia entered a new path by deciding to use its know-how in the processing of foam materials laminated with fabrics to offer its services to a wider range of customers, so the decision was to invest important resources to increase their potential and become a thermoforming process specialist, for all the branches that would need them. The decision was successful, Termoformati Italia has quickly become an international point of reference for the high fashion industry, footwear, leather goods, sportswear, medical and later, the automotive industry.

In recent years Termoformati have been selected by a growing number of OEM’s to partner by transforming their existing materials and with PBN associates for the growing number of new innovative materials particularly for the automotive sector.

Termoformati’s exclusive moulding technic produces results that have become highly sought from haute couture fashion houses to the world’s leading prestige sports car market.

Termoformati are a vertical company with their in-house mould manufacture. This allows designers to produce very small A4 moulds for design decisions to 1½ metres by 3 metre moulds for the most efficient cutting in production.