About Toray

Founded in 1926 as Toyo Rayon Co. Ltd, Toray have been at the forefront of innovation in the textile world, from the start of Nylon Fibre in 1951, Polyester Fibre in 1957, Polyester Film and Acrylic Fibre in 1964. Between the 1970-80’s they began expanding into the AESAN under the new name Toray Industries, while still producing new and innovating fibres like Carbon Fibre and Liquid Crystal Polymer. Today, Toray Industries are established in both Asia and Europe and are the world leader in synthetic fibres and textile manufacture Their subsidiary Toray Textiles Europe Ltd based in Nottinghamshire, England.

Toray Textiles Europe Ltd are a manufacturer of woven polyester, nylon and high-performance synthetic fabrics based in the Mansfield. With yarn production, preparation, weaving, dyeing and finishing facilities all on one site, they can uniquely design, develop and manufacture textile to meet any needs.

They aim to fulfil any requirements through the innovation of their textile design and production, so whatever your textile requirements you can be confident that TTEL can deliver the solution.