The perfect fusion of material science and style.

SuperFabric® integrates commercially available materials with its patented custom-proprietary armour technology to create durable, flexible and lightweight fabrics, which protects better, lasts longer and looks good doing it. No other material offers such value, performance and versatility simultaneously.

Introduction to SuperFabric® Material

SuperFabric® technology starts with a fabric and overlays it with tiny plates. The gaps between plates allow complete flexibility. The geometry, thickness, and size of the guard plates, as well as the fabric, can be varied depending on the desired attributes. SuperFabric® materials are designed to deliver a range of performance features such as abrasion resistance, stain resistance, quick drying, weight reduction and more.

The key to this remarkable material is the fact that locally, the guard plates are hard. Globally, the plates allow full motion which gives SuperFabric® a feel similar to traditional fabrics.